What is my Home Worth?

Get your home value from an experienced professional in your area.
What you will get:
* Wholesale value: What an investor would pay for your home.
* Retail value: what your home would likely sell for on the open market
* Market information on your area to home sales / Values
* Key Market insights on each option, Making the decisions easy.

Valuations will be based on recent comps and general indicators,
for precise valuations to price your home right we suggest a consultation.

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To Sell your house fast

Selling a house is a nerve-wracking undertaking. In fact, a recent Daily Mail report says that selling a home may be more stressful than bankruptcy, divorce or the death of a loved one.

Things get even more stressful when you need your home sold fast. All the haste leaves you second-guessing your decisions and kicking yourself later if you end up selling for way less than your property’s worth.

The average time it takes to sell a home in 2016 varies by state, between 30 days to four months. $3,600 seems like a fair number to pay a real estate agent for a couple months of work.

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Did you know that 89% of home sellers use a real estate agent to list their home? That’s because agented listings sell for more money than any other option.

The Difference In How Much You Make
Without an Agent and With a Real Estate Agent

If you sold your home without an agent, statistically you would receive 84.3% of max market price:
240,000 x .843 = $202,320

On the other hand if you sell with an agent, your total after the commission is taken out is 94% on average of max market price:
240,000 x .94 = 225,600

That’s a pretty big difference.